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We can make your name anonymous on the website and we can remove your data if you so wish at any time.


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We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect

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About Mind in Furness

Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to work proactively and in partnership with statutory and other organisations and individuals: to promote mental health and to improve the quality of life for people suffering from, or with the potential to suffer from, mental distress by providing and encouraging user-led activities and services and to increase awareness of those issues through education and a strong, positive presence in the local community.

Feedback, Comments and Complaints

In close-knit communities such as those offered by services at Mind in Furness (particularly the residential services and drop in services) it is inevitable that tensions will arise from time to time.

We have a Compliments and Complaints policy that relates to the about services provided by Mind in Furness at The William Bingley Centre and Coniston House.

Mind in Furness believes that it is important those who use its services are able to comment on their experience of the service. Compliments and Complaints are equally important and both are welcomed as they allow us to learn from achievements and mistakes and contribute towards the development and maintenance of high quality standards.

This policy has been developed to ensure that all feedback is given due respect and is dealt with thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

Read the Mind in Furness Compliments and Complaints Policy and Procedure here
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Equality & Diversity Policy

In delivering our vision (see mission statement above) we're committed as an organisation in working with others to eradicate social exclusion and to do everything in our power to promote equality of opportunity and fairness to all.

Read the Mind in Furness Equality & Diversity Policy here
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Company Information

Charity registered in England and Wales: 1143600

Registered company limited by guarantee: 7693277

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Company Information
  • Mind in Furness
  • Lesser Kings Hall
  • 57-59 Hartington Street
  • Barrow-in-Furness
  • LA14 5SR
  • Charity registered in England and Wales: 1143600
  • Registered company limited by guarantee: 7693277
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